Music and Art

Instrumental Music: Students may participate in instrumental music instruction for 30 minutes each week beginning in 4th grade. Some performance opportunities are offered throughout the year. 

Music & Arts: At Sand Point Elementary we value the arts and view music as a way to connect with ourselves, our classmates, our community, and the world around us. Music is a unique subject area because in learning music, we can deepen our understanding of reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and Social Emotional Literacy. We also know that music is unique because it is an opportunity to create and to express ourselves. Throughout a student’s time at Sand Point, they will sing and perform, learn to read, write, and play rhythm and melody on a variety of instruments, analyze and make connections to music from diverse cultures, communities and genres. Our learning goals are guided by the Washington State Arts Learning standards for K-5 music. Our Elementary Music teacher is Stephanie Storhaug, and she can be contacted at

Our Vocal Music Teacher is Stephanie Storhaug,