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    Important Office Requests and Reminders
    Posted on 06/30/2015
    1. Lately, we have been receiving a large number of calls during the last hour of school, specifically changing students' normal pick-up plans.We are asking that all notifications in regards to pick-up plans be in place by 2PM. This will guarantee that both students and teachers are effectively notified of any changes.Thank you.
    2. It is very important to provide the office with a current copy of Parenting Plans, Restraining Orders or any other pertinent documents affecting your child.Should a situation arise, the office needs to have a copy of these documents on file.
    3. If your child is absent or will be tardy, please be sure to let the main office know (252-4644).
    4. Finally, we are asking that students be dropped off at school after 9:05 AM.This is a safety concern as there is no school-wide supervision before that time.Thank you.